Eric Greenberg in the press

Eric Greenberg (Ayay): An artist and sculptor with a purpose

Eric Greenberg has transformed his journey as entrepreneur, humanitarion and visionary author into creating sculptures and paintings that inspire and delight.

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Eric Greenberg’s Journey From Internet Billionaire To Artist Of Love

WHEN I FIRST MET ERIC GREENBERG IN 1999, HE WAS 35 YEARS OLD AND WORTH OVER $1 billion as one of the most successful “” internet entrepreneurs. He was about to marry his lovely fiancée Carmel…

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How Eric Greenberg Became a Once (and Future?) Internet Billionaire

Eric Greenberg, a former billionaire, is the loudest rich guy in any room. With a salesman’s pushing patter, he speaks and speaks and speaks, raising his emphasis, until his voice hits a crescendo — and then, backing away from his own force, he quiets a little before starting again. You can’t get in a word edgewise, and most of the time his patter is so tight and so compelling that you don’t want to…

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