Eric Greenberg / Artist

Eric Greenberg


Eric creates original sculptures from his paintings and imagination. His sculptures are available at his studio and shows in which he participates. In addition, he has created a catalog of over 40 works for commission, creating polished stainless steel masterpieces finished with translucent paint from the finest producers and artisans  in the world.

Eric is also President and CEO of Innovation Investments, LLC – a business creation and investment company.  A serial entrepreneur, Eric was a pioneer in establishing the commercial internet.

Eric founded and produced six venture backed businesses: Scient, Viant, 12 Entrepreneuring, Acumen Sciences, Beautifull, and Wrap Media.

Eric was Founder, Chairman and CEO of Scient (NASDAQ:SCNT) and Viant (NASDAQ:VIAN), getting the companies funded, recruiting the teams, developing their market strategies, and selling the initial client engagements. These companies were visionary systems integrators that built over one hundred electronic businesses at the beginning of the internet – Web 1.0. These two unicorns had a combined $14B cap at peak in 2000. He generated 50x to 100x early stage returns for several funds including Kleiner Perkins, Sequoia, Benchmark, Cognizant and Mohr Davidow.

Eric was a trustee of the USC Shoah Foundation for Visual History, focused on genocide prevention, and was honored with the organization’s Ambassador to Humanity Award in 2001.

He endowed the Human Genetics Lab at the UC San Francisco, where the lab was named in his honor.

Eric is the author of Generation We: How Millennial Youth Are Taking Over America and Changing Our World Forever (, a critically acclaimed and award-winning book describing the political and social shift driven by 95 million US millennials coming of age.

Eric graduated from the University of Texas-Austin in 1985 with a BBA in Business  Administration, and he began his secondary education at the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor majoring in economics in the school of literature, science and arts in 1981.

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