Commission Ayay Sculpture

commission a painting into a sculpture

Experience Ayay: We craft museum grade, limited edition, bespoke sculptures from original paintings and drawings by the artist. Ayay has over forty 3D renders ready for production, and dozens of original paintings which could be rendered into sculptures.

We produce the finest sculptures for collectors, investors and designers. We can make anything in stainless steel, any size, small to monumental, indoor and outdoor, free standing, suspended, or on the wall – extravagant or refined. We work with you, and your design team, to create unique, one-of-a-kind assets that will grow in investment value.

From the delicate intricacy of flowers to the bold symbolism of abstract forms, symbols, or trees, our creations communicate love and light and are inspired by the vibrant colors and style of the impressionists. Color on steel.

The sculptures are meticulously colored and finished with proprietary translucent paint, accented with matte paint, on polished stainless steel by the top artisan fine art painters and finishers in the world. Literally.

Ayay’s sculptures evoke the prime emotion inspiring the human experience: love. All love, all of the time. Perfect for any space, our sculptures are beautiful. Beauty is love manifested.

Pricing for commissions is significantly discounted, for a limited time for our first clients, handled discreetly through a cost-plus arrangement with the artist, where details are kept confidential.

Acquire Ayay, and invest in the movement of peace and love today.